We have consultants who have Information Management expertise in Big Data,Business Intelligence,Data Governance,
Data Integration,Data Quality,Master Data Management.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse

The explosive growth in volume of information with over 85% of the information in unstructured format, the complexity arising from disparate information sources and the nature of information present severe information management challenges.
Starnel DW/BI practice encompasses wide range of tools, technologies and platforms to enable organizations to share, use and uncover the value hidden in their information assets. Our solutions help our clients in improving the quality of decision making by presenting relevant information in comprehensible reports, dashboards and scorecards.
Starnel DW/BI services ensure return on information by aligning information with the business context of the user. Our specialists have the cutting edge tools, strategies and utmost integrity to not only compliment your current DW/BI practices, but provide solutions to take your business into the next phase and beyond.

Data Governance

Data governance (DG) is the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity and security of data used in an enterprise. A sound data governance program includes a governing body or council, a defined set of procedures and a plan to execute those procedures.

Data Integration

Combining similar data from multiple sources sounds simple but has become a major challenge in organizations due to the sheer number of disparate data sources and volumes of data that exists. Add another level of complexity with unstructured data formats and companies are now faced with the real challenge in today’s competitive marketplace.

Master Data Management

One version of accurate master data for entities such as products, customers, vendors, employees and locations is critical to run core business processes. Accurate product and customer data ensures that the right products are shipped to the right location for the customer. Holistic understanding of customer preferences enables marketing campaigns that are tailored to the customer’s needs. StarNel Consulting provides a holistic service offering from strategy to implementation, as well as advice on running master data management programs internally or externally.