Testing Solutions

Quality Assurance Service ,Specialised Testing Service, System Functional, White Box, Performance, Penetration Testing and Big Data Testing.

Quality Assurance

QA Testing or Quality Assurance testing is a semantic technique that participated in numerous processes to examine products and software services.Our QA testing tools & services make a difference while differentiating with other products. We have various set of testing services such as Automation testing, Functional testing, Performance testing, Localization testing, Mobile testing, Regression testing and E-commerce testing to validate as per need.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing covers a broad range of engineering or functional evaluations where a material, product, system, or person is not specified by detailed material or component specifications: rather, emphasis is on the final measurable performance characteristics. Performance testing can refer to the assessment of the performance of a human examinee.

White Box Testing

White-box testing, or structural testing, is one in which test conditions are designed by examining paths of logic. The tester examines the internal structure of the program or system. Test data are driven by examining the logic of the program or system, without concern for the program or system requirements.

Big Data Testing

Starnel, being automated Big Data testing solution, helps you verify structured and unstructured data sets, schemas, approaches and inherent processes residing at different sources in your application in languages such as ‘Hive’, ‘Map-reduce’ ‘Sqoop’ and ‘Pig’.