Tizen App Development

A robust flexible mobileapp is a key tool for your Intenet of Things. Tizen offers a platform to built dynamic mobile app using C, C++, HTML 5 and related web technologies We have been using Tizen interface since beginning and have garnered enough exposure and expertise in delivering customized mobile app development solution for your niche business needs. We employ the latest trends and technologies in building mobile application that would run on any device irrespective of OS platform.


Samsung Tizen, is an open source mobile operating system. Gradually, Samsung is shifting its devices to Tizen OS, offering the later its own platform to develop. In this regards, it can be said logically that the future ahead is bright and progressive for Tizen Apps and business solutions. The Tizen software development kit (SDK) & application program interface (API) lets developers to employ HTML5 and related web technologies to write software apps that run on these multiple devices – including cameras, printers, smart TVs and in-car displays.


Our Specialists carry out Tizen software design and implementation, UI design, software porting services, QA services for Tizen projects. Apart from that we develop different apps including:

  • Tizen Game Development
  • Tizen Sports App Development
  • Tizen e-Commerce App Development
  • Tizen Business App Development
  • Tizen Multimedia App Development
  • Tizen Education App Development